How Much Water Do You Use For Colonic Irrigation?

by K. Trimble

I was wondering how much water is used in a typical colonic irrigation session.

I do home colonics using a home colon cleansing kit and use about 2 litres of water.


Hi, Thanks for your question.
The amount of water used tends to vary from therapist to therapist.

I personally use about 35 gallons or more per session (I do give very generous sessions).

You can see from this answer that there is a HUGE difference between Home Colonics and those done by a professional Colonic Hydrotherapist (our posh title lol).

Whilst I certainly think home colonics are worth doing, especially as not everyone can get to a therapist or afford the treatment prices of colonic irrigation, it doesn't compare to a professional irrigation treatment.

It's certainly much better than nothing. I congratulate you on taking steps towards your colon health.

Good Luck.


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Jan 20, 2013
Amount of Water for a Colonic
by: Jane

:) Of course! I did in fact say 35 gallons PER SESSION, not 35 gallons inside the client at one time, still, always better to clarify...

35 gallons is the total amount of triple filtered water that flows through the client during a colonic irrigation session.

Nov 16, 2011
.Re:How Much Water Do You Use For Colonic Irrigation?
by: Anonymous

Surely you are saying that you use 35 gallons in total after repeating a few times as opposed to filling a human body with 150kg of water!

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