Best Colonic Machines

Which One Should I Choose?

Which Are The Best Colonic Machines, What Are Their Differences and How Do You Choose?

Which colonic machines to choose depends on whether you are a client, a therapist trying to decide on which type of treatment to offer clients or a user looking to install a home colonic machine or a portable colonic machine.

Colonic Machines – open or closed system?

Let’s take the first case where you are simply wanting to have a colonic irrigation treatment, have heard about different types of colonic machines and don’t know how to choose the best type of treatment for you.

Do you know, in general, it doesn’t really matter.  Although slight personal preference may come into the answer in general there are other far more important factors than which type of system to use.

The skill and commitment of your colonic irrigation therapist is by far the most important element in your decision.

What you should be looking for are:

An experienced therapist, preferably with several years experience,

A continuing passion for her/his work

Preferably some appropriate health care background such as nursing,

Ability to listen to you and your problems and try to help you solve your problems rather than treat you as just another client

Willing to go the extra mile...


I personally believe these are areas worth exploring from a client perspective far more than what type of colonic machine is used.

Briefly, -

 An open system

libbe open colonic machne


is one that is not plumbed in. 



These can range from a simple, home colonic system right through to the professional, sophisticated open Libbe system .

slim colonic nozzle



Usually with the open system you have a very slim nozzle in your rectum and the waste comes out around the nozzle into the toilet  / bucket.


The main advantage of this is that it can be done easily at home and the nozzle is much slimmer than with the closed system.

A closed system ....


is plumbed in and therefore there is no smell or mess. 

The colonic speculum tends to be around 0.75inches diameter and the waste comes through the speculum, into the tubing and into the waste drainage, thus emitting no smell or mess.




Within these systems are further differences.

I personally use and favour the closed gravity system and this will always be my top choice. 

This in no way undermines other systems and choices. 

I will attempt soon (time permitting) to teach you how to set up the most effective home colonics system possible for when you are unable to make it for a professional treatment

How Many Types - Colonic Machines

For such a specialist niche as colonic machines, it is quite incredible how many  types of there are, and really unless you are setting up in business as a colonic hydrotherapist, I am not sure you really need to know all of them. 

However, we will mention some of the types you might be interested in.

Open System Colonic Machines

Closed system Colonic machines

Gravity colonics

Used colonic machines

Portable colonic machines

Libbe colonic machine

Dotolo colonic machine

Home colonic machines – this is in fact a really useful group. 

Did you know you can even build your own colonic machine?

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