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What to Look For in a Colonic Clinic

Knowing what to look for in a Colonic Clinic can help reduce your stress level and help you decide whether colonic irrigation is for you or whether you would prefer to learn about home colonics.

Unless you live in a large city, it is very unlikely that you will have a choice of colonic irrigation clinics.

In my region, I am the only colonic therapist covering a huge geographical area.

I work from two very different clinics, but your choice is really – take it or leave it 

Obviously, it is highly recommended that you do in fact choose to have a treatment.

There are two main aspects to be considering when choosing a colonic clinic.

  • the colonic therapist and

  • the colonic clinic itself

    The Colonic Therapist

    I personally think that the therapist is far more important than the clinic.

    It is important to feel safe with your Colonic Therapist.

    You are about to undergo a rather unusual and intimate procedure, so it is important to be able to feel safe and relaxed.

    Many, many colonic therapists are from a nursing background and this is to be highly recommended and has added advantages.

    If you have any questions you need answering before going ahead with your colonic then make sure and ask these,

    Also if there is something that your colonic therapist needs to know then make sure and tell her.

    Usually you will be given a form to fill in which will help the colonic hydrotherapist know about your history and reasons for having the treatment.

    This form will also act as a prompt for you to be able to talk about any other relevant information you may want to share.

    It is important that you feel there is an awareness of your needs that is being met, that there is time for an adequate history to be given and that you are being listened to and your concerns taken seriously.

    Colonic Irrigation Clinics

    Colonic clinics tend to present in one of three ways.

    They are either a dedicated colonic irrigation clinic,

    More generally the clinic will offer a range of other treatments and colonic irrigation will just be one of the treatments on offer there,

    And finally sometimes the treatments are offered in the therapists own home.

    Do not be put off by the third option. It is often a very suitable option.

    A colleague of mine works from home because she is retired and just offers a few treatments a week to those really in need.

    I can’t praise her premises or professionalism highly enough – so keep an open mind when looking for a colonic clinic.

    Clinics vary in their presentation.

    Generally they will have been inspected and meet the stringent standards of the governing organisation

    They can obviously be old / new, modern, sparse, luxurious.

    Some colonic irrigation clinics are purpose built, others situated in Spa’s, health and beauty salons, and alternative health clinics.

    These are not really qualities that are terribly important.

    What is important is:-

  • Good hygiene,

  • warmth,

  • safety,

  • good, clean and adequate toilet facilities, and

  • a feeling of confidence in the colonic therapist.

  • A sense of humor, gentleness and kindness can also be a blessing in certain situations.

    You will probably want to check out directions to the clinic and parking facilities and allow ample time before and after your appointment so you are not feeling rushed or stressed.

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