A Coffee Enema a Day................



Why on earth would anyone have a coffee enema you may be asking yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits are, then read on...

The main purpose of coffee enemas is for detoxification.

Better still, it’s pretty cheap and very effective.

Why? Because coffee stimulates and gets transferred rapidly through your hemorrhoidal veins so it can reach your liver.

Since the liver is one of the bodies major organs for purging toxins, the direct route of the enema is both effective and fast-acting.

Along with detoxification, it also helps to increase red blood cells in your body

and helps reduce your risk of gallstones.

organic-coffee-enema All the ingredients required are filtered warm water and

ORGANIC ground coffee.


Depending on why you are using the coffee enemas, you may want to have fewer or more.

Particularly when people are following a cancer recovery program, the treatment may be ordered every day, but as it is quick and easy to administer once you are used to the procedure and have all your equipment set up then this is not nearly as daunting as it sounds.

This particular approach uses no chemicals – so there are very few risks.

For someone trying to loose weight and do a major body detox, initially a daily treatment might also be recommended.

Alternatively, if you notice that your energy levels are dropping or you just generally don't feel as bright and well as you know that you should then a 3 times a week program might be just right for you.


Back in the 1920s German researchers studied how coffee could strengthen both the liver and gallbladder while also providing all-important enzymes.

More recent studies indicate it can:

  • improve muscle structure

  • improve liver function

  • decrease the risk of cancer

  • increase oxygen levels to the body

  • eliminate constipation

    And if you’re wondering why an enema?

    The truth is that this way the positive properties of coffee can directly reach our colon without the effects being reduced by various other organs.


    This is one way to effectively detoxify your body cheaply.

    As with any detoxification treatment, you should be properly prepared.

    Support yourself by getting plenty of rest and remember to drink plenty of fresh, pure water.

    How effective it will be, and how often you need one, depends on various factors such as your lifestyle, diet, exercise, and overall physical condition, together with which other detox methods you are using.

    Please remember to always contact your physician for advice.

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