Colonic Irrigation
Jane L Jarvis RGN, RMN, MGCH
Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist

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Cumbria's only Colonic Irrigation Clinic!

“Get rid of the trash to make room for the treasures.

Let the things that are important take center stage.”

—Peter Walsh

Colonic Irrigation Can Massively Increase Your Energy

For Colonic Irrigation, the clinic is located in the lovely old market town of Ulverston at the Ulverston Natural Health Centre, Cumbria and provides help for colon cleanse, constipation, all kinds of digestive problems, bowel problems, chronic health problems along with caring, experienced advice in an unhurried professional and respectful manner

Colonic Irrigation is a highly personalized hydrotherapy where your special needs are specifically studied by me both before and after the treatment and hence you will feel the benefits in a very personal, specialized manner, offering you a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Are you always tired and lethargic? - Instead feel bounding with so much energy you are always able to do more than you could ever believe! 
  • Sleep brilliantly and wake up in the morning feeling great. Bounce out of bed looking forward to the day ahead.
  • Stop feeling short tempered and irritable - watch your relationships improve with your kids, your partner, friends and colleagues as you become more patient, easy going and tolerant.
  • Have great looking skin
  • Relieve constipation  and all the symptoms it causes forever
  • Get rid of your bloated stomach and lose inches from your waistline
  • Fantastic for rapid weight loss and a flatter stomach
  • Sky rocket your sex drive :) and much, much more.............

Colonic Irigation  WILL Change Your Life
 it most certainly changed mine.

If you do ONE thing this year to radically change your life and your health, then make sure it is a Colonic Irrigation treatment with me.

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Please let me know whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening / weekdays or weekends.  I am not available fridays.

A single colonic treatment is £60.

I am currently also offering a special offer ten day detox package of 3 colonics, 3 probiotic (gut rebalancing) treatments, a 10 day herbal colon cleansing treatment and a recommended 10 day detox diet for the all inclusive price of £239  payable in advance by paypal.

Please state which treatment you would prefer.

Once I receive your details I will email you to confirm the date and time.  I will also attach a medical form (nothing difficult) and a few details about how to find us and what to expect on the day (a personal note from me to ease any worries you may have).

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