Colonic Irrigation
Jane L Jarvis RGN, RMN, MGCH
Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist

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Cumbria Colonic Irrigation Clinic!

Our clinic is located in the Ulverston Natural Health Centre, Cumbria and provides help for all kinds of bowel problems, related health problems and advice on preventive and educational aspects of colonics in a caring, unhurried professional and respectful manner.


  • Are you always tired and lethargic? - Instead feel bounding with so much energy you are always able to do more than you could ever believe!

  • Sleep brilliantly and wake up in the morning feeling great. Bounce out of bed looking forward to the day ahead.

  • Stop feeling short tempered and irritable - watch your relationships improve with your kids, your partner, friends and colleagues as you become more patient, easy going and tolerant.

  • Have great looking skin

  • Relieve constipation forever and all the symptoms it causes

  • Get rid of your bloated stomach

  • Lose inches from your waistline

  • Fantastic for rapid weight loss and a flatter stomach

  • Sky rocket your sex drive :)

    and much, much more...............


    Colonic Irrigation & Colon Cleanse
    WILL Change Your Life

    Colonics and Colon Cleansing quite literally changes lives - and it most certainly changed mine.

    I LOVE Colonics!!

    If you do ONE thing this year to radically change your life and your health, then make sure it is Colonics or Colon Cleansing

    Take your time to browse around the site.

    If you have ANY questions then please just go to the Ask the Expert heading on the left and ask your questions there.

    Colonic Blog
    Keep up to date with the exciting world of colon cleanse /colonic irrigation and body detox information, news, events, changes and updates as they happen
    Worldwide Colonic Directory
    Our Colonic Irrigation Directory can help you find Colonic Irrigation and Colonic Hydrotherapists near you.
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    Preparation To Get The Best From Your Colonic
    Preparation For Your Colonic - Makes All The Difference
    Cumbria Colonic Irrigation - Jane L Jarvis RGN, RMN, MGCH
    Cumbria colonic therapist Jane L Jarvis, provides colonic irrigation (colonic hydrotherapy), enemas, and various treatment implants in a relaxing environment in Cumbria,
    Colonic Irrigation Equipment Options
    Colon Hydrotherapy utilizes effective colonic irrigation equipment to move water into the large intestines and colon to release waste build-up and water.
    Colon Cleanse For Health, Energy, Weightloss....
    What is colon cleasne, why should you colon cleanse, how to colon cleanse and much more.....
    Colon Cleanse Food – Tips to Colon Cleanse Naturally
    Colon Cleanse Food. The Natural Colon Cleanse, Colon Cleanse Secrets For Optimal Health and Weight Loss
    Enemas - the easiest home treatment for bowel problems
    Enemas - quick, easy and effective!
    Relieve Constipation
    Relieve Constipation and Regain Your Health, Energy and Vitality
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms
    Did you know that Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms are suffered by 20 percent of the adult population, - that equals an unbelievable one in five Americans suffering symptoms of IBS
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    Hemorrhoids - Did You Know You Can Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids Forever?
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    Welcome to Living Lightly - the Colonic Irrigation and Colon Cleanse educational newsletter
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    About Me Colonic and Detox Therapist
    A Little About Me Colonic Therapist Jane Jarvis
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    Privacy Policy
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    Useful Links
    Colonic Irrigation Testimonials
    Colonic Irrigation Testimonials – Jane Jarvis RGN. RMN. MCHA.

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